12 Books to Read to Inspire a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

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Many of us want to make small changes to better ourselves in our daily lives, whether it be reading a book, living an eco-friendly lifestyle, or better yet– both! We’ve come up with our top 12 picks for a read that will inspire green action in just about anyone. If you’re new to sustainable living and need some tips from the veterans or you just can’t get enough of plastic-free changes in your routine, these memoirs and manuals from plastic-free patrons will indeed teach you a thing or two about how to live your best life, sans plastic. Read on to see what stories we think to contribute the most to the plastic-free literature community. 


1. Life without Plastic by Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha

Canada-based Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha founded the Life Without Plastic online shop. They chose to share their findings about BPA-based products and single-use plastics in a book to inspire others to choose safe, reusable and affordable alternatives in their lives. The “step-by-step guide” encourages people to think about using plastic and find replacements to better the environment. 

The book itself also supports sustainable alternatives by being printed on FSC-certified paper with BPA-free ink in alliance with the swap suggestions from the authors. Authors also emphasize that removing plastic from your home can lead to supporting local businesses and reducing threats to wildlife, and thus living a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle. 


2. Turning the Tide on Plastic by Lucy Siegle

In efforts to inform others of the terrifying statistics and truths surrounding the problem with plastics, this guide offers a hard push for individuals to realize the detriment already done and provide tips and tools to make the necessary changes.

Triple threat journalist, broadcaster, and eco-lifestyle expert Lucy Siegle strives to influence at least 12 readers to make plastic-free changes in their lives. As many as 15,000 single plastic items can be eliminated. Siegle’s authoritative Record,  Replace, Refuse, Refill, Rethink” guide inspires readers to think about the action that must be taken in our current climate to result in change made to our planet. 


3. How to Give up Plastic: A Guide to Changing the World One Plastic Bottle at a Time  by Will McCallum

This highly praised tutorial details the possible changes anyone can make to diminish the amount of single-use plastic and thus create cleaner oceans. Author and activist Will McCallum urges readers to meticulously move through your home one room at a time to eliminate plastic around you.

McCallum, head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK, stresses that there are plastic-free alternatives for just about every disposable plastic piece in your life. Even minor substitutions can make a significant difference in your understanding of reducing waste and the environment. The more we know about the war against plastics, the more we can advocate for the abolishment of disposable plastics. 


4. How to Live Plastic Free: A Day in the Life of a Plastic Detox by Luca Bonaccorsi, Marine Conservation Society

Though many of us know that our plastic usage is detrimental to the oceans, do we truly understand the extent to which our decisions are affecting marine life? The Marine Conservation Society in the UK works to educate and inspire humans to alter their habits to be mindful of our choices that may affect the other living creatures on our planet. The Marine Conservation Society’s educational piece details the small steps each of us can take to make a big difference in ocean conservation.

The authors walk through a daily routine of living a plastic-free life with tiny tips and anecdotes about easily removing plastics from your life. It’s an ultra-specific guide through the typicalities of life as a plastic-free advocate may be just what you need to make simple changes to help a less than simple problem. 


5. Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry

Blogger Beth Terry decided to continue her writing career as a print author by releasing her book that tells the story of her experience ditching plastic usage in the hopes of inspiring someone like her to do the same. She details how as an average individual, she was able to make these changes that some may deem complicated– and if she could do it, so can you.

Readers love the easy to read charts and lists of ways to show action, profiles of plastic-free advocates, and tips to limiting your plastic trail. As a personal-journey memoir and an informational guide, this text is the perfect mix of realism and activism. 


6. F**k Plastic: 101 Ways to Free Yourself From Plastic and Save the World by Rodale Sustainability

This book provides 101 tips on how each person can work to rid plastic from their lives and the entire world. The plastic problem is a pandemic and deserves the attention of the people who caused it to undo the harm that has already been done.

With illustrations and proactive tricks, Rodale Sustainability attempts to inspire readers to provide a happy and healthy planet for present and future generations by offering simple ways of removing plastic from your home, your food, and your lifestyle in general. 


7. No. More. Plastic.: What You Can Do to Make a Difference by Martin Dorey

Known as the #2minutesolution, author Martin Dorey proposed that if people devote as little as 2 minutes each day to working towards a positive planet impact, the terrifying statistics of just how problematic the current environmental climate has become could be majorly altered. 

Once Dorey noticed the blatant problem in his own life while watching plastic pile up during his daily surfing trips, he decided it was time for him and everyone else to work harder to preserve our natural wonders. The straightforward essay has inspired many to take action in their own lives in small and large ways, realizing how much better off we could be without unnecessary plastics consuming the earth. 


8. Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste by Bea Johnson

Some say Zero Waste Home directly inspired the waste-free living movement by intertwining a woman’s anecdotal experiences with constructive tips for creating a more holistic home. Full of newfound personal understanding, suggestions for sustainable substitutes and tricks to easily transition into the simplistic lifestyle, the story aims to clarify the ease of zero waste living if done right.

Bea Johnson’s advice has deemed her the “Mother of the Zero Waste Lifestyle Movement” for her green efforts and relatable truths of life as a low waste mother and wife.


9. Plastic, A Toxic Love Story by Susan Freinkel

Though plastic has benefitted much of modern-day technology, it has put us in a place of environmental danger. At this point, humans have such an excess amount of plastics that it only makes sense for us to be smart about how we get rid of them.

Susan Freinkel pieces together an academic critique of analyses and statistics regarding the plastic crisis while discussing how we rely on plastics even more than we may think. Freinkel notably works in the realm of scientific journalism, perfectly combining her knowledge of the environment and writing in a way that people will make a change. 


10. Taking on The Plastics Crisis by Hannah Testa

Taking on the Plastics Crisis is part of a series of short books from current advocates for change called the Pocket Change Collective. In it, youth activist Hannah Testa shares her Hannah4Change journey in a brief, yet powerful essay, discussing her work in leading a grassroots political campaign aimed at passing legislation limiting single-use plastics. Her success in influencing worldwide businesses to alter their practices by considering sustainability.

Taking on Plastics inspires others to make a change in their communities and on a global level, as no person is too young and no issue is too large to defeat. 


11. I Quit Plastics and You Can Too by Kate Nelson

The I Quit Plastics memoir shares practical and simple guides around living plastic-free by reducing waste and existing simply and sustainably. The book covers all topics including recipes for meals, cleaning products, and daily necessities, author Kate Nelson gives readers the necessary knowledge and tools they may need to follow in her footsteps after a decade of living plastic-free.

By following this guide, every person can help the plastic issue in the simplest of ways, as each change begins with starting small and working harder to develop strategies for living sustainably.  


12. Plastic Purge: How to Use Less Plastic, Eat Better, Keep Toxins Out of Your Body, and Help Save the Sea Turtles! by Michael SanClements

Plastic Purge details the reality of what plastics are doing to both our bodies and our planet. With scientifically-proven facts and information, this book educates readers on how plastics release toxins into our bodies and affect our health. Author and ecologist Michael SanClements discuss the perks of purging plastic in both our health and our home environment.

Still, Plastic Purge mentions that plastics can be good or bad, some being necessary and able to save lives, while others are only detrimental to the planet. SanClements works as a scientist at the National Ecological Observatory Network and spends much of his time researching and analyzing the environmental sciences, proving an authentic source for science-based writing.



Updated, December 23, 2021

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