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Conventional eye shadows use various artificial dyes and synthetic ingredients to create wide variety of textures and an endless array of shimmering, sparkling, and vibrant colors.

So, where do natural and organic eye shadows derive their beautiful palettes from? Some of the best natural eyeshadows get their beautiful colors straight from yummy plants and spices such as paprika, turmeric, pomegranate, cherries, peaches, and berries. Others use naturally occurring mineral pigments from iron oxides (red, brown, black, and yellow), ultramarines (deep blue), and titanium dioxide (white).

For shimmer and shine, natural eyeshadows use mica as the base. Kaolin clay, rice powder, and bamboo powder are typically used as alternatives to synthetic fillers and binders.

Liquid or creme natural shadows are made with moisturizing and reparative oils, butters, and plant waxes (such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax). Beeswax softens and soothes while providing antimicrobial effects, which is enhanced synergistically by other natural ingredients like olive oil, castor oil, honey, and jojoba oil .

It is important to understand that just because a cosmetic product claims to natural or organic, doesn’t mean that’s necessarily the case. Regulations on terms such as “organic”, “natural”, and “clean” in the beauty industry are notoriously loose. Meaning, cosmetic companies can use these terms in their marketing without having to adhere to a quality standard.

Finding a natural eyeshadow that made from only the natural ingredients discussed can sometimes be easier said than done. After researching over 100 supposedly “natural” eyeshadow products, we narrowed the field down to this list of the top 8 to help you find the best natural eye shadows and palettes for the holidays. These eyeshadows do not contain any of our banned ingredients (like talc, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, mineral oils, parabens, coal tars, silicone, and artificial dyes) and each and every ingredient has been combed through and reviewed. We also took into account online customer reviews and third-party reviewer experiences. Enjoy!

These natural eyeshadow palettes are a staple for your makeup bag. 100% Pure started with Pretty Naked Palette and the most recent release is Pretty naked II Palette – both with all natural ingredients and flattering shades for a natural or sultry look. Suitable for both lighter and deeper skin tones and undertones, each signature shade is colored from vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable pigments like strawberry, raspberry and acai. Both palettes contain mica powder for shimmery look without glitter.

An eye shadow palette with infinite possibility. Rich, even pigment combines with silky-matte, satin, and pearl finishes to enhance your eyes as much (or as little) as you desire. Blendable, long-lasting, and infused with nourishing amino acids, each shade can be worn alone or layered to create endless looks.

Subtle. Glossy. Light reflective. Everything eye shadow should be, with all the benefits of raw mineral pigments. Flattering and youthful, the colors are vibrant–and work equally well on dry or aging eyes.

Sweet Ballet contains a darker shade to define (a rich lilac purple with a slight shimmer), an intermediate shade to accentuate (a matte beige-tinged mulberry), and a lighter, soft shimmer champagne shade to highlight and blend. Each palette can flatter almost any skin tone and eye color, and depending on the balance of the colors used. The sleek palette case includes a convenient application mirror and applicator brush and sponge, making on-the-go touch-ups fast and fumble-free.

Truly a gem of an eyeshadow, this nutrient dense formula delivers beautiful color from plants and natural sources. Offers a smooth and even consistency without the controversy of talc. All 9 shades are filled with antioxidants in the form of acai oil and fruity extracts and blended with nourishing ingredients like argan oil (hydrates and softens skin), shea butter (anti-aging) and tea extracts (anti-inflammatory). Perfect for those who like a natural look and can be worn alone or as a base.

This mineral based deep creamy eyeshadow is made with just five ingredients. If you’re looking for your staple black eyeshadow or a new liner, this just might be it. This little tin of natural eyeshadow has a lot of power. The sunflower oil (moisturizing) base sinks into your skin, letting the pigment dry in place, while the beeswax gives the eye coal shape and staying power. Try applying face powder to your eyelid prior to using eye coal to give it additional sharpness and longevity.

A gorgeous Australian made organic eyeshadow made to soften and illuminate the eyes. There are two shades available, pink cloud and champagne, which can be used as a highlighter on the cheek bone, brow bone or applied to the lips for an easy nude look. Infused with nourishing organic ingredients like shea butter (anti-aging), avocado (protects your skin from sun damage) and aloe vera (anti-inflammatory and prevents signs of aging). Both shades can be used as an eyeshadow base or worn on its own.

The foundation of any good eye makeup collection, these muted yet highly pigmented colors (33 shades to be exact) are versatile and will quickly become an essential in your arsenal. Wear these natural eyeshadows on their own, as a clean base for other shadows, as an eyeliner, or even to fill in your brows. Comes in three finishes – sparkling metallic, iridescent and creamy matte. Contains mineral ingredients like iron oxides, titanium dioxide and mica, ultramarines and ferric ferrocyanide.

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