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5 Wellness Tips Going Into 2022 

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When considering wellness, most often think of health. Instead, think of wellness as more of a stepping stone toward a satisfying life–not only to live but to thrive in your environments. You’ll attain a healthier lifestyle in a spiritual, emotional, physical, and social sense when practicing wellness, too.

These are five tips for practicing wellness I learned over the past year, which I feel compelled to pass on. Maybe they’ll help your wellness journey going into 2022.

1. Access your relationships. Making room for new people and experiences may mean cutting old ties. Ask yourself if your relationships are mutually rewarding. If not, try reaching out to people from your past, even if you’ve neglected to maintain communication. This could be a fresh start. Another option is to look for meetups in your area that match your interests.

Society places many standards on us, making us feel guilty for not keeping in touch with childhood friends or family members even if these people do not reciprocate the same energy, or even worse, give us negative energy. As individuals, we have the power to choose who we surround ourselves with, and this should be assessed regularly.

2. Don’t rush. I’ve found that rushing through life and my daily routine not only adds anxiety, but it makes me forget to do little things that have a positive impact on my health. Instead, wake up on time to avoid skipping out on your skincare routine, eat a healthy meal, and take vitamins.

Sleep routines are also essential. When we stay up late, it’s often because we’re trying to gain back some sort of control over time lost during the day. This only leads to a cycle of fatigue and poor nutrition. Also, do not feel rushed in your professional or successful life either. If you get turned away from an opportunity, don’t see it as a loss but a learning experience.

3. Give compliments. When I was working a retail job this last year, I found that giving compliments was the only thing about my job that I enjoyed. Even though I was pushing myself to find a nice quality or asset in another person, I realized these feelings were still genuine.

When we make others feel good, we feel good. Plus, when you compliment someone, they have a compliment to give in return most of the time. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a lot in common with the next person you praise. Striking up a conversation with someone can open the door to a new relationship, even if it’s something as small as saying you like a person’s shoes.

4. Invest in something that makes you feel good. I signed up for a spa membership close to the end of this year, and it’s something I’ll definitely continue into the new one. For you, this might be a gym membership, a trip, or a new tool or appliance that’ll make an impact or regular difference in your daily life.

If you can’t afford what you want, start saving. Building up to attaining what you want will make you motivated and excited. Traveling can do a lot for your well-being because you not only gain new experiences, you’ll also learn things firsthand that can never be taught in books.

5. Get hooked on a good habit. This can be doing something as small as saving containers to do your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Or as personally constructive as finding a way to trick yourself into starting something you enjoy each day.

For example, if you love to read but have difficulty focusing, you can develop an initiator. Whenever I want to work on my writing, I make a hot drink or light a candle. It may sound silly, but this is a way to trick your mind each time you light a candle to sit down and read. Eventually, it will become second nature that your mind habitually associates the initiation of one good thing with another.

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