7 Anti-Chafing Products for 2021

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As ladies and lads, we’ve all experienced the annoying twinge of the occasional chafe (whether we choose to admit it or not). If you are one of the rare blessed beings who is unfamiliar with this phenomenon, chafing is an irritation caused by skin rubbing together or against clothing. Doctors say that the best way to keep chafing from bothering you is by decreasing the friction around the parts of your body most often affected by this. While that’s easier said than done, the inevitable uncomfortable rash is common and totally normal! If this is something that bothers you, or you’d rather have a hot girl summer than worry about skin irritation (which is understandable) we’re here to save you a step by providing all the research and products you need for a quick fix in your life!

Here are a few products that the internet suggests to battle the troublesome menace!


1. Megababe  

The Megababe brand has a collection of different products that you to apply to problem areas. All of the options are reasonably priced and have been awarded five star ratings by their shoppers. As some people’s holy grail product, their Thigh Rescue stick has been awarded “best of beauty” by Allure in 2020!


2. Body Glide 

Body Guide is known for their wide range of chafing products, specifically designed for all areas from the face to the foot, and anywhere in between! These balms come highly recommended by many renowned athletes – so if you are one of those people who can’t stop moving, here is a product designed just for you. 

3. Hiki  

Here is a clean beauty product developed and marketed in such a fun and shameless way! Because chafing is a problem that everyone deals with at some point, they have products that fight every type of chafing, be it feet, thighs, boobs, etc. This is an all around anti-chafe stick that can even be labelled as cruelty-free!

4. Chamois Butt-r 

This product was especially designed for bikers and their bootys, but it would be worth trying regardless of what activities you find yourself doing! They have different types of chafing cream depending on what your needs are – each has a different combination of natural ingredients that help soothe you in the best way possible.   

5. Love AnyBody 

The Love AnyBody brand has raving reviews that the products were effective overnight – leaving their skin smoother and soothed by the morning! It is designed for sensitive skin types and is free from harmful chemicals that could irritate your skin. 


As a product that can be used by everyone, from babies to seniors, it “creates a lubricating and antibacterial barrier for high performance athletes such as cyclists, surfers, and runners to prevent chafing and infection”. This is definitely worth having around if you have a family and need a product with a wide range of anti-irritation purposes! 

7. IntiMD 

IntiMD’s chafing products come with many bursting reviews and recommendations. The product is special in that it rubs on as a cream and then takes on a powdery form. If you enjoy floral scents and are looking for a less-pricey option, this is something to try out! 


 Skin irritation can’t always be prevented, but with the help of these amazing products, you just might get the relief you’re looking for!


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