How We Can Help Afghanistan Right Now

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With the rising coverage on the growing issues for Afghan people, we are all wondering how we can best use our privilege to help them. There are many organizations that are seeking volunteers, monetary donations, and general publicity for their nonprofits that will result in help for Afghan refugees. Below is a list of establishments by country that can use the help of anyone, with all of the assistance going to a great cause. With our privilege, we may be able to help the lives of refugees everywhere.

United States

Human Rights First is seeking pro bono lawyers to assist Afghan evacuees.

The International Refugee Assistance Project is soliciting donations to offer legal services to displaced Afghans.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is asking for volunteers to help refugees upon arrival with airport pickups, meal assistance, mentorship, tutoring and more. You can participate if you’re in one of the areas where refugees are arriving, and there’s a standby list to join for other areas too. You can also donate.

Keeping Our Promise, based in Rochester, N.Y., offers resettlement services, including skilled trades training and accommodation support.

The International Medical Corps, which has operated in Afghanistan since 1984, offers medical training and services in the country and is soliciting donations to its emergency relief fund.

The International Rescue Committee is aiming to raise $10 million to “deliver lifesaving aid” in Afghanistan. Local chapters of the organization are also seeking volunteers to assist those who arrive through the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa in their search for employment and housing.

Commonwealth Catholic Charities, in partnership with community organizations, is providing resettlement services and child care to Special Immigrant Visa holders from Afghanistan in Fort Lee, Va.

The City of Fremont, Calif., home to a large population of Afghan immigrants, is collecting donations to support local charities providing essential items to newcomers.

New American Pathways, a nonprofit for resettlement based in Atlanta, is seeking volunteers to support Afghan refugees.

Open your wallet: Consider donating to Women for Afghan Women, which says it is the largest women’s group in Afghanistan; the International Refugee Assistance Project; and the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, which works to protect journalists on the ground.

Email the White House: The International Rescue Committee has an email form through which you can urge the Biden administration to take immediate steps to ensure “vulnerable Afghans have pathways to safety.” The group is also asking for donations.

HIAS Pennsylvania, which is also based in Philly, also suggests some options for folks who want to volunteer:

Help resettle refugees with temporary housing via HIAS Pennsylvania’s partnership with Airbnb’s Open Homes initiative, through which you can “use your extra space to provide a welcoming stay for refugees.” More information is available on the HIAS Pennsylvania website.


Realtors and landlords who can provide affordable housing to refugees for six months to a year should contact community engagement specialist Anneke Kat at


The Canadian government is asking citizens who wish to donate items, including clothing, furniture or money, or to volunteer their time, to email to be connected with resettlement agencies.Some charities have established emergency fund-raising campaigns for families in Afghanistan, including Unicef Canada, Islamic Relief Canada and the Veterans Transition Network, which says it will use donations to support interpreters in the country while they await evacuation.United Kingdom

Mercy Corps is assisting displaced families in Afghanistan to access clean water and other essentials.

AfghanAid has been working in Afghanistan for nearly four decades, with its humanitarian projects geared to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The charity is collecting donations to provide families with funds, kitchen items, solar powered lamps and other goods.

How to help women

Women for Women International is collecting donations for its emergency relief fund.

Vital Voices, in partnership with Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, has set up a fund to protect women’s rights activists in Afghanistan and those who have been evacuated from the country.

How to help local journalists

International Media Support is partnering with the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee to collect donations to protect journalists still in the country.


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