Podcasts to Listen to on Climate Change

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Looking for a new podcast discussing climate change, global warming, and how to save the planet? Look no further!



Climate change is a huge topic to sink your teeth into, and often it can be emotional, overwhelming, and somewhat terrifying to dive deep into the rabbit hole that is the climate crisis. Fortunately, we live in a time where there are thousands, if not millions, of resources on this one umbrella topic. Podcasts are one of my personal favourite ways to learn more about the climate crisis and social justices issues, as you can listen to them nearly anywhere at any time. 

Many podcasts have mastered breaking down monumental, complicated topics like carbon offsetting or eco-fascism into more accessible information bites, making the climate crisis seem less like our looming doom and more like something that we can all take action against. 

So here are 5 podcasts to start listening to on the climate crisis, covering a wide range of topics, and, most importantly, leaving you feeling hopeful about our future here on this planet.


1. Verte Vibe Podcast

What: Verte Mode and Verte Media’s sister platform, The Verte Vibe Podcast! This company and podcast revolve around a female-founded and community-based brand highlighting ethical and sustainable practices. Our podcast advocates for education around climate change and offers an easily accessible resource for listeners who prioritize self-care and saving the planet.

Who: Verte Vibe is hosted by Verte Mode and Verte Media founder, Aalia Mauro. Her expertise is amplified next to impressive special guides that are proficient in areas such as sustainable fashion designers, zero-waste advocates, and ec0-lifestyle experts.

Why: Aalia’s vast range of collaborators brings a little bit for everyone. If you are passionate about slow fashion, low-waste cooking, or sustainable business practices, you will surely resonate with one of our guest stars. From SUSTAIN The Magazine Founder, Reza Christián, to fashion designer Miko Underwood, the possibility of newfound knowledge is endless.



2. The Yikes Podcast 

What: The Yikes Podcast leans into all the things related to climate and environmental justice, activism, and resisting oppressive systems that make us yikes, focusing on how we can make these topics accessible and take collective actions towards a just and liveable future.

Who:  The Yikes Podcast is run by the wonderful Mikaela Loach (@mikaelaloach), the fabulous Josephine Becker (@treesnpeace), and edited by Finlay Mowat (@finlaymowat).  

Why: Jo and Mikaela have a beautiful way of talking about different issues while expressing their emotions surrounding the subject that leaves you feeling understood, better informed, and most importantly, hopeful and ready to take action. 


3. Idealistically 

What: Idealistically brings on activists, artists, scientists, and influencers to ask them what they would want in their ideal world.

Who: Hosted by artist and climate justice activist Tolmeia Gregory (@tolmeia)

Why: By asking people from various backgrounds what their ideal of an ideal world is, Tolemia and the incredible guests she hosts inspire listeners to imagine more radical visions of the future, which we can collectively work towards. 


4. Hot Take

What: Hot Take takes a critical look at media and media coverage on the climate crisis, analysing what is being covered, the quality of the coverage, and which stories have been missed or done exceptionally well through an intersectional feminist lens.

Who: Co-hosted by Mary Annaïse Helgar and Amy Westervelt, 

Why: There are many ways to talk about the climate crisis. However, it is not always well written or spoken about, especially in mainstream media, where greenwashing, eco-fascism, and other similar issues often run through the rhetoric of many media presentations. 

Helgar and Westervelt take a no-nonsense, honest and witty approach to criticising how to represent the climate crisis better.

5. How to Save a Planet 

What: How to Save a Planet provides answers and solutions to big questions that many of us probably wonder in regards to the climate crisis, like whether we should go nuclear, how to divest from fossil fuels, and how other social justice issues are intimately linked with the climate crisis.  

Who: How to Save a Planet is hosted by journalist Alex Blumberg and supported by many other climate-invested people. 

Why: How to Save a Planet leaves you hopeful! By sharing the many ways we can take action both individually and collectively, the journalistic approach teaches you while providing solutions and inspiration. 


6. Drilled 

What: Drilled is a true-crime podcast about climate change and how we got to the climate mess that we’re in today.

Who: Amy Westervelt (@amywestervelt) is an American environmental print and radio journalist

Why: The climate crisis wasn’t caused in just a few days or years, but over the last few decades, with many people in positions of power making decisions – and hiding the consequences of those decisions – that ultimately caused and will continue causing a lot of harm to both people and planet. This podcast uncovers many of those events and shares the story of how the climate crisis came to be and how governments and large corporations continue to cause harm.


Updated, 23 December 2021

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