Sustainable Alternatives to Anthropologie Best Sellers

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Stylish, unique, and staple pieces never have to come from fast fashion brands! We can all love and appreciate the beauty of trendy brands such as Anthropologie, Free People, or Urban Outfitters. Still, the guilt of supporting unethical practices can be unbearable. Instead of purchasing pieces from Anthropologie that you might be tempted by, shop these sustainable alternatives that are better for the planet, body, and consciousness! Further, helping these companies in the slightest gives them the means to continue their unacceptable and untransparent supply chain that is slowly coming to light.


1. Pilcro Ari Denim Jacket, $158.00




This unisex classic denim jacket is a closet staple for anyone and everyone. Warp & Weft prides themselves on their eco-friendly mill that serves as one of the largest textile manufacturers in the world, where they create high-quality denim. Even better, this piece uses 1400 fewer gallons of water than your typical pair of jeans and is made from 20% recycled materials. 


2. Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Pants, $120.00


Whimsy & Row, Valentina Pant in Topaz Linen, $162.00


These two pairs could visually be two peas-in-a-pod! Yet, in the case of Whimsy & Row’s Valentina Pant, the ethics behind the pant change the competition. With pieces produced locally in fair-wage facilities, the company strives to stray from mass production and specialize in ethically sound and unique creations. 


3. Breezy Tube Top, $48.00 – $58.00


Oh Seven Days, Tuesday Tube Top, €87.00


This gorgeous piece is handmade from 100% surplus linen. As well as diminishing textile waste and creating sustainable clothing, the brand aims to use biodegradable fabrics and natural fibers to fill all of its designs with earth-saving efforts. In the future, Oh Seven Days hopes to continue with its actions and use even more recycled fabrics when possible.


4. Ruffled Crochet Blouse, $98.00


Anna Kosturova, Manor Crop Top, $225


Kusturova is a brand that creates handmade, vintage, and bohemian-inspired by the namesake’s hometown oceans in Vancouver, Canada. The quality pieces made by Anna Kusturova are sustainable, handmade by generational artisan families, and indeed not fast fashion. Instead, the brand prides itself on being a collection of “modern heirlooms” to be collected and upheld throughout their time. 


5. Floral Maxi Dress, $170.00


Hackwith Design House, Nina Dress Red Floral, $100


The Hackwith Design Home brand includes an array of gorgeous and trendy pieces made to order, avoiding the textile waste that comes with fast fashion.

With fabric sourced from a local, family-owned fabric store specializing in second-hand material, the company strives for a transparent supply chain and minimally wasted textiles. 


6. Pilcro Vintage Straight Jeans, $140.00




A classic pair of blue jeans is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. At DL1961, each pair of jeans is a step in the right direction for slow, sustainable fashion. Materials include high-quality yarns designed for comfort, sculpting, and long-lasting wear.

Their denim is dyed using top-of-the-market Dystar Liquid Indigo pigments, which reduce the amazon of harmful waste typical of denim dyeing. Facilities are family-owned manufacturers that live up to International Social & Environmental Quality Standards.


7. Smocked Puff-Sleeve Blouse, $120.00


Reformation, Roland Top Fairy, $148


Reformation is known for its sweet and trendy clothes that are incredibly sustainable compared to its competitors. The brand strives to reduce textile waste by releasing limited stock of their collections each week to ensure that each product will be sold.

Their L.A.-based factory is the workplace of dedicated employees worldwide that are met with safe, healthy, and fair working conditions throughout their entire supply chain. Using data and feedback, they decide what is worth making and selling and what should not. 


8. Maeve Mock Neck Tank, $34-44.00


A Lynn Designs, Turtle Tank Heavy Jersey, $86


This piece is a closet must-have for every season. A Lynn Designs brand makes pieces to last a lifetime rather than being worn once and left in the closet forever. With timeless shapes and patterns and materials that are made to withhold time, you can keep their products for years on end without getting sick of them or wearing them out.

Materials for their products are extracted from Beech and Eucalyptus trees, practicing symbiosis in practice for using, growing, and planting the trees. 


9. Cloth & Stone Tie-Dye Buttondown, $98


Sourcery the Label, The Laurie Button Down, $198.00


This 100% naturally sourced silk top is perfect for a day at the office or a chill day at home! The non-toxic dyes make for a low-maintenance silk top that estimates 98% less synthetic material consumed and nearly 200 years in a landfill avoided compared to polyester pieces.

Sourcery aims to make clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly pieces that are fashionable and practical. With its innovative and sustainable sourcing, the brand hopes to reinvent the fashion industry as ethically as possible. 


10. Smocked-Waist Shorts, $98.00


Known Supply, Jayden Short, $48.00


A fun, flirty, and easy to throw on pair of shorts, the Jayden Short from Known Supply is a summer go-to! As well as being Fair Trade Certified, the brand prides itself on the fantastic people that work to make every piece perfect for consumers.

Employees are brought to the forefront of the brand and appreciated for the hard work they put in by providing the creator’s signature in each Known Supply piece. 


Tell us what sustainable dupes you have found for trending fast fashion pieces and which of our picks you love the best!



Updated, 23 December 2021

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