Turning Trash Into Unique Pieces with Dan Pontarlier

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Without a doubt, most people today would say that upcycling is in trend. Nowadays it is not a doubt to anyone, and it’s about time for it to go mainstream! From small brands and designers to major corporations in the fashion industry, everyone is aiming to take a step towards circularity. Collections made from unconventional recycled materials, fabrics created out of plastic bottles collected from the sea, and leather made of mushrooms… Step by step it looks like we are taking the correct path to sustainability. 

But what happens with our wardrobes? 

With the passing of the years, we might have collected garments and accessories that we don’t use anymore in drawers that we forgot about. Whether we still love them but they are too small or too big to wear, they have lost their place in our closet. Currently, the average person fails to use 40-60% of the clothes in their wardrobe.

In my book, “From Trash to Runway”, I not only explains the reason why upcycling should be in everyone’s mindset, but also illustrates through more than 20 designs how anyone can transform pieces from their closet into amazing garments.

What can we do to fix that?

Upcycling. With this technique you will be able to wear pieces that you once loved and create amazing garments out of the fabrics that are collecting dust in your wardrobe. 


What happens if I don’t know how to sew?

In fact, the book is addressed to beginners and there is no need to know how to sew! Besides the tutorials and upcycling techniques that you can find in the Digital Area accessible from the book, you’ll find a database of seamsters and seamstresses all over the world. In the book, you can get all that along with a second database for finding second hand stores and discarded fabrics stores near you. 

For considerably less money than what it takes to buy a piece -considering that you already have the fabrics-, you may be able to create a new item and return it to your closet. This time, though, customize the way you like it and be ready to wear!

What’s in it for me?

Well, besides saving some coins and feeling better for helping out the planet we live in, upcycling is also psychologically beneficial for our health. By developing these recreation techniques with your clothes, you will be able to positively expand your creativity.

Being creative gives you the ability to solve problems in your personal and work life in a simplistic way. Creativity helps you see to things differently and manage the unforeseen in a better way. There are several studies that show that creative people thrive in situations of uncertainty, since they can adopt their own ways of thinking and recreating. For those creative souls, upcycling is an amazing way to release your creative desires in a way that reduces textile waste. 


Also, personalization! Now, you can truly say that each garment you redesign is unique to your style and closet!

Let’s go upcycling!

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